Video Game Jobs – A Bright Outlook

It is no secret that the US and the world are suffering one of the worst, or, perhaps, the worst recession of our lifetime.  The credit crunch is the main cause that toppled the banks and led to millions of home foreclosure.  Those who are just graduating from high school or college may have a confusing time finding a career path.

The Video Game Industry is Hot!

But despite the financial doomsday we are experiencing, one notable sector of the consumer market continues to expand — the video games.  While almost everything is down, the video game industry is booming.

If you’re someone interested in video game jobs, continue reading and take note.

According to, Gamestop CEO, Dan DeMatteo, “The video game business continues to enjoy robust growth, making it the fastest growing of the many แทงบอลออนไลน์ consumer goods categories.”  His company expects to see a sales growth of 10% to 12% for 2009.  Gamestop is a boutique video game retailer favored by many gamers.

They’re not alone in optimism when it comes to retail growth of video games.  In a press release, Game Doc is expanding their operation by offering franchise opportunities in the hot growth market.  “Achieving double-digit growth in this tough economy is further proof that video games are the most popular form of entertainment in the country,” said Jim Belanger, president of Gamer Doc.

The Video Game Phenomenon is Growing in New Markets

The popularity of video games is not just growing in the US and other traditionally western countries, but in China as well.  According to, broadband access is rapidly expanding within China.  Because of it, online gaming is booming.  China’s 2008 $1.79 billion gaming industry revenue is expected to rise to $2.3 billion in 2009.  The industry’s growth rate is projected to top 20% over each of the next few years.